Pricing and Discounts

In our service now there are three different modules:

  1. Сomment tracker
  2. Promotion & Posting
  3. Direct Messaging

Each module is paid separately for a monthly access to it

Let's consider an example - you have one Instagram account and you want to activate all modules of our service for your one account, so the cost of monthly access will be equal to:

35€/month - Promotion

30€/month - Direct 

30€/month - Comment 


95€/month - In Summ for 1 month - for 1 IG Account

Let's consider an another example - You have 5 Instagram accounts and you want to activate only the promotion modules for them, then the price will: 

35€ - Promotion x5 = 175€/month In Summ

So, it becomes clear that you can connect and make combinations of all modules for any number of accounts and modules and time!

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