General FAQ —

How many Instagram accounts can I add to my dashboard?

You can add as many accounts as you need to your dashboard.

How to add another Instagram account to my dashboard?

To add a new account to your dashboard press Add more accounts button and enter your Instagram username and password in a pop up dialog.

How many Instagram accounts can I have running under one account?

You can run as many Instagram accounts under one account as you need. But each Instagram account needs Activity Time in order to run. So your options are: buy one big time package and split it across all your Instagram accounts, or you can buy at the same time individual package for each account.

How do I transfer/split my remaining Activity Time from one account to another?

You can transfer your Activity Time from one account to another by yourself. You can also split your time between accounts and transfer only the desired amount.To use this feature, you need to open the managment day page. To do so, please click on the plus button beside the Paid days text on your Dashboard page.

How to cancel my subscription?

First of all, we don’t offer subscription model. You pay for Activity Time only when you need it, so there’s no recurring subscription to cancel.

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