During my unfollow, my account is not follow

If you run an unfollow in our service, but the account counter is in one place - we can assume that you started or are in the pause between the unfollow cycles.

The full cycle of unfollow is approximately - 2500-3500 actions, after which a pause starts for 12-48 hours, when the pause is over, the answer will continue.

We will analyze on an example:

Your account has been subscribed to 7500 people (the maximum number of followings in Instagram)
You turned on the unfollowing manually, or it started automatically
Your account has been unfollow from 2-3 thousand people and the counter has risen in one place and is no longer signed off
There was a pause for 12-48 hours (Instagram rules)
After 12-48 hours the unfollow continued

And so until the moment when the service will not place your account in all the subscriptions you do not need.

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