The process of removing users from the "subscriptions" section of your account. The process of unsubscribing is necessary to get rid of unnecessary subscriptions to continue working in the service.

The maximum limit of subscriptions is 7,500 people, in order to constantly work with new users it is necessary to unsubscribe from unnecessary users, the Nobel.media service makes an Unfollowing automatically.

Attention: during the process of Unfollowing, Following are automatically paused until the end of the replies, then automatically launched.

Disable the subscription by clicking the "Unfollowing" button

Configuration process:

  1. There are two ways to configure and run an Unfollowing:
  2. The first way is "one-off", to configure, click the "Unfollowing" button in the "promotion" section.
  3. Then enter the required number of replies.
  4. The second way is "configurable"
  5. To activate it, go to the settings and select "Unfollow"

Here you can configure:

Unfollowing time - allows you to specify a specific time of Unfollowing every day.

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